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Social Security Administration Benefits Resources Guide [Get All The Facts]

If you are applying for any SSA benefits soon or will need to notify the SSA of a change the following resources could be very helpful. 

Each heading provides specific articles and information on applying for benefits, notifying the SSA of a change of address, or appealing an SSA decision. 

Understanding the requirements and process before you apply will save you time, energy, and frustration. Read through the resources and I would suggest jotting down some notes as you go. 

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Basic Information

  1. Visit the SSA’s homepage and browse their services and forms. Click the link below. The United States Social Security Administration
  2. Locate the closest SSA office near you and view their contact information. Click the link below. Field Office Locator | SSA
  3. View the list of all online SSA forms and download the form you need. Click the link below. Social Security Administration (SSA) Forms and Resources | SOAR Works!
  4. Read the most common FAQs that are asked of the SSA. Click the link below. FAQ Home · Customer Self-Service
  5. Read how the Corona Virus has affected the SSA’s operating hours and physical appointments. Click the link below. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) | SSA
  6. Read more on how to request a Social Security Benefits statement for tax purposes. Click the link below. KA-01723 · Customer Self-Service

Applying For Benefits General 

  1. Read an article from the SSA’s website on how to apply for specific SSA benefits and the forms you will need. Click the link below. Apply for Social Security Benefits | SSA
  2. View a checklist of required items and information the SSA needs from you when applying for Medicare, Retirement, or Spouses benefits. Click the link below.  Checklist for Online Medicare, Retirement & Spouses Application

Applying For Retirement 

  1. Understand how your benefits are calculated. Your Retirement Benefit: How It’s figured
  2. Read more about retirement applications and the forms needed. EN-05-10035 – Retirement Benefits – January 2021

Applying For SSI 

  1. View SSI Facilitation forms and their descriptions. Click the link below. SSI Facilitation- Forms | DSHS

Applying For Medicare

  1. Read more about the forms required to apply for Medicare and the different coverage parts it offers. Click the link below. Medicare Benefits | SSA
  2. Click here to learn more about your different medicare options. What Medicare Plan Should You Choose, Compare Your Options
  3. Browse the coverage each Medicare part offers. Click the link below. Prescription drug coverage (Parts A, B, and D)
  4. Read what Part D covers. Click the link below. Home Drug coverage (Part D) What Medicare Part D drug plans cover
  5. View the list of drugs and services Part B Medicare covers and what it does not. This article also provides some information into what Part D covers. Click the link below. Prescription Drug Coverage
  6. This PDF defines self-administered drugs and whether or not they are covered by Medicare Part B, click the link to read the document. How Medicare Covers Self-Administered Drugs Given in Hospital Outpatient Settings.

Applying For Extra Prescription Help 

  1. Read in detail how you can get your prescription drugs covered with different health care plans. Click the link below. How to get prescription drug coverage
  2. Browse different medicare coverage options. Search Medicare Coverage Plans
  3. This PDF covers the basics of the Extra Help program, how someone qualifies, and other important details. Click the link to learn more. Understanding the Extra Help With Your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
  4. Follow this link to begin applying for the Extra Help program online.
  5. Read the option you have when you do not receive the coverage you need or are denied Extra Help. Click the link below. Options for those whose Extra Help application is denied, or whose benefit is less than expected
  6. How to reduce my medical costs with Part D and Extra Help. Click the link below. Medicare Part D Extra Help
  7. Read about the costs of Extra Help and how you can maintain your coverage. Click the link below. Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs | SSA

Applying For Disability 

  1. Read the top 10 conditions the SSA provided benefits for. What Are The Top 10 Conditions That Qualify For Disability?
  2. Understand what the top 10 invisible disabilities include. 10 Common Invisible Disabilities
  3. Read more about SSI assistance. Understanding SSI
  4. Calculate the amount of benefits you will receive. Disability Benefits Calculator
  5. Understand your tax responsibilities. Do I have to file taxes when receiving disability benefits?
  6. Learn more about the benefits you can collect simultaneously. Will Getting Disability Benefits Stop Other Payments

Applying For Death Benefits 

  1. Look over the information you need to provide when applying for the one-time lump-sum death benefit. Form SSA-8 | Information You Need To Apply For Lump Sum Death Benefit
  2. Applying for child survivors benefits. Form SSA-4 | Information You Need To Apply for Child’s Benefits
  3. Applying for widow or widowers survivors benefits. Form SSA-10 | Information You Need to Apply for Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Divorced Spouse’s Benefits
  4. Read over the SSA’s applying for Survivors Benefits page. Survivors Benefits | SSA
  5. Learn more about the documents and qualifications to apply for your benefits. Apply for Social Security Benefits | SSA
  6. This link goes over collecting Mother and Fathers survivor’s benefits. Form SSA-5 | Information You Need To Apply for Mother’s or Father’s Benefits
  7. This link will cover time limits on collecting survivor’s benefits. Is There a Limit to How Long I Collect Social Security Survivor Benefits?

Applying For Food Stamps 

  1. Read more about what food stamps cover and how you access your food stamps. Click the link below. What Are Food Stamps and How Do I Access Them? | Family Finance | US News
  2. Take a look at this calculator and see if you fall under the maximum income limit. Click the link below.Food Stamps Benefits Calculator And How Much Can You Make And Still Get Food Stamps
  3. Read more about income limits and what set limits qualify you for assistance. Click the link below. What Is Universal Basic Income? | Personal Finance | US News
  4. If you live in NC, read more about SNAP benefits, who qualifies, and how you can get your food stamps. Click the link below. NC DHHS: Food and Nutrition Services Food Stamps
  5. Read more about the items you can purchase with your food stamps. Click the link below. What Can SNAP Buy? | USDA-FNS

Changing Your Address

  1. Read more about why you need to notify the SSA if you change your address. Click the link below. Social Security Administration (SSA) Change of Address |
  2. Read how changing your address could affect your SSA payments. Click the link below. What Happens to Your Social Security If You Move to a Different State?
  3. Read how to notify the SSA of your address change. KA-01711 · Customer Self-Service
  4. Read this article which details the process of changing your address with the SSA. How To Change Your Address With Social Security

Your Social Security Card

  1. This article covers what information is displayed on your Social Security card, it lists the different security features each card has and how they are displayed, it also covers general facts about your Social Security card. Click this link to read more. Social Security History
  2. This link will bring you to the application for a Social Security Card. You can browse the information and requirements to apply. Application for Social Security Card
  3. Read directions on how to replace a lost or stolen Social security card. Click the link below. KA-02017 · Customer Self-Service

Social Security And Medicare Scams 

  1. Read more about common Social Security scams and how to avoid them. The 4 Most Common Social Security Scams and How to Avoid Them

Collecting Payments And Using Direct Deposit

  1. Read the SSA’s article on the benefits and features of using Direct Deposit. Click the link below. Social Security Administration | Direct Deposit
  2. Read this article on collecting your benefits payments in a foreign country. Click the link below. How to get your Social Security benefits while living overseas
  3. View the SSA’s list of forms to request an International Direct Deposit. Search your country of residence and access the form at the link below. SSA-1199 Forms | Social Security Forms
  4. Visit this link to set up Direct Deposits online. Go Direct® – Home
  5. Visit this article to read more details on when and how  SSA payments are made. Click the link below. When to Expect Your Social Security Checks | Social Security | US News
  6. View the SSA’s 2021 SSA payment schedule. Verify when you will get your benefits. EN-05-10031 – Schedule of Social Security Benefit Payments – 2021

Appealing An SSA Decision

  1. Read more about the process of applying for a Judge hearing, the documents you need to provide, what happens in the hearing, and how the decision is made. Click the link below. SSA’s Hearing Process, OHO
  2. To find out more about appealing a rejection decision for disability benefits click the link below. Appealing the decision SSA made for your Disability Benefits Application Information
  3. Read more about your right to question the SSA decision and apply for a reconsideration, appeal or judge hearing. Click the link below. Your Right To Question The Decision Made On Your Claim
  4. Read more about the third stage of appeal, the Appeals Council. Click the link below. Appeals Council Review Process in OARO
  5. Find out more about the last stage of appeal. Filing a federal suit with your jurisdictional district court. Learn what is involved, where and how to file, and how to notify SSA of the complaint and send them the summons. Click the link below. Federal Court Review Process | SSA, OARO
  6. Read more about what is involved in an Appeals Council for a Social Security Disability application that has been denied. Social Security Disability: The Appeals Council Stage.
  7. Read more about the different decisions the SSA or court can make regarding your appeal. Understand the difference between a partially favorable decision and a fully favorable decision. What is a “Fully Favorable” Decision and What Would That Mean For My SSDI Claim?

Thank you for reading, I hope you have found the information helpful.